Senin, 27 Maret 2017


On Saturday (25 of march) my school made an event called “dewa Athena”. Its placed nn bali’s field. Its an event that held a lott of sport competition like soccer, basketball,dodgeball,badminton, volley,rope pull, gobak sodor and many more. The event started at 7 o’clock I the morning and ended at 5 o’lock in the evening. In that day I was late and arrive at 10 o’clock, I was late because I woke up at 9 o’clock haha. When I was arrived, the basketball match for my class was already over and I felt guilty haha, but the nice thing is that my class have won the match by 20 to 2. I was so happy when I heard that haha.

When the badminton game was about to begun, I was so pumped and cheer for my classmate that participate on the game. The game was so intens and a lott of fun, but unfortunately my class have lost the game. Although we were sad, but we have to keep our spirit for the next game. The next game was soccer. In this macth, I was playing from the start and became the captain of the team, when the whistle make the sound, my teammates ad I were playing as hard as we can get, we gave our all in the game. After 30 minutes have past, and I saw the score board and so surprise. All my feelings are complicated when I was looking at the score board, itsay “9-1”. I was so sad haha. We have lost so bad but it doesn’t mather because we did the best we could.

After a lott of hours and sweat, the clock have shown the number 5 and all the activity was done. The result was so bad and frustrating. We have lost on all games except basketball. Its so sad but also funny. Now we only can put our hope in the basketball team. I hope they win the next game that will hold at the first of april. That’s it from me for now. Bye!!!!
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Senin, 13 Maret 2017


       in this post im going to tell you about my mother. her name is yuana dewi. i owe her so much until now, from i was little she always take care of me with love even if i do bad things. if she is not with me all this time, i think im not going to live this long long haha. when i was little i always broke  athing like glass, miror, toys, but even if i broke them, she loves me the same.

      i cant repay her with anything in this world, even if i give her 10 millions dollar it would still not enough. and even i kill myself it still wouldnt be enough haha.all she ask for is that i mention her in my pray, that is how nice she is.
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1. Mini Theatre
3. Plant vs _ _ _ _ _ _
5. Justin Bieber’s top song
8. True ><
10. Plain zebra
12. _ _ _ _ ! I Love Indonesia (Daniel Manantha’s product)
13. Verb 2 of give
14. Enter ><
15. Mini House
16. When you say something that isn’t true
18. Donald Trump
20. Bali is _ _ _ _ _ _ place

2. Electronic chigarattes
4. Something very valueable
6. When you do something original
7. When people only thinking about themselve
9. Someone who close to you
11. When your soul leaves your body
13. When someone leave or something lost
17. Something made by wood and always you used at home
19. Animal which live in desert
21. Not wrong
22. I drink a _ _ _ of tea every morning